We work on cutting edge technology which defines the next wave in the digital economy. We believe in creating the right environment for innovation by partnering with leading tech firms and thus foster a culture of thinking out of the box solutions and solving our respective customer's problems.


We strive in believing knocking the ball out of the park and in "Real partnerships", our vision is to create a truly sustainable solution which embodies the principle of reduce & reuse.


Our Technology expertise spans across API gateway technology through Layer 7 from CA Technologies and expertise in cloud based App Development technology like Amazon Web Services, Google cloud and Microsoft Azure.


Our professional services are designed to ensure the highest levels of satisfaction by fully customizing it based on our technological and domain expertise addressed to customer pain points. Our mission is to partner and grow along with our customers, meeting their business objectives by providing highly cost effective IT professional services. At Pilotage, we enable customers with our consulting-led, integrated portfolio of IT professional services using our homegrown 3i model. Our unique 3i model of Ideate, Implement and Inspire model of business delivery help organizations across domains to deliver highly cost effective services, which are of undisputed quality while optimizing overheads, realizing first mover advantage and improving customer satisfaction.

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Our solutions enable you to stay miles ahead of your nearest competitor while being a confident first mover in your respective domain/market.


We ensure your data and your customer's data are privy only to the respective audience and offer un-matched security in protecting the data and availability of the data when you need it the most.


To schedule a demo or to talk to us in detail with one of our product consultants, please fill in your contact details. Our Address: 36 King Street East 4th Floor Toronto Ontario M5C 3B2